Silent protest in Berlin against the trustees

The silence of the Western countries on the AKP seizure of the municipalities of Amed, Van and Mardin was condemned with a silent demonstration in Berlin.

Protests against the seizure of the metropolitan municipalities of Amed, Van and Mardin by the Erdogan regime continue around Europe.

A large crowd gathered in Berlin to protest the dismissal of the three HDP democratically and freely elected mayors of Amed, Van and Mardin and also to criticise the silent of the German government and Europe on the issue.

The demonstration, organized by the Berlin Free Kurdistan Community, took place at Kudamm square, one of Berlin's touristic centers. The demonstrators handed out leaflets in German and English around the historic ruined church in the square.

“We salute the resistance of Amed, Van, Mardin”, “Erdogan threatens Germany and Europe, what will you do?” said the banners carried among the passers by.

Activists also drew attention to the crimes carried out by Turkey against nature in Kurdistan, and the Berlin administration was asked to end its cooperation with the Ankara regime.

Activists protested the Ilisu Dam construction which will destroyed the historical site of Hasankeyf.

There was also a call for a joint struggle against the trustees and the Erdogan regime's policy of destroying freedoms.