Six people taken into custody in Van

The AKP regime insists in its policy of repression of Kurds and keep carrying on political operations in many cities.

In the last week alone some 250 people have been taken into custody, including the 100 detained only today. 

Six people were detained in the morning in the village of Çaldıran in Van after raids were carried out on 13 different addresses simultaneously. Seven people were issued a warrant order.

The six detained people were named as Hacı Darak, Şakir Topçu, Mustafa Kaya, Seyithan Acar, Fevzi Uzunay and Şemsettin Acar.

The main target, believed to be HDP District Co-Chair Ali Ihsan Stone, district executives Selami Koc, Cengiz Koc, Faruk Trak, Nevzat Uzunay were not in their houses at the time of the violent raids.