Solidarity demonstrations for Gülizar Taşdemir in Latin America

Kurdistan solidarity groups in Latin America promote a campaign to expose Kurdish woman activist Gülizar Taşdemir’s extradition to Turkey by Norway.

The Committees in solidarity with Kurdistan from several countries in Latin America have launched a campaign of solidarity and visibility, to protest against the extradition of Gulizar Taşdemir.

Taşdemir, a Kurdish woman activist has been extradited from Norway to Turkey, despite the clear risk for her safety. Indeed, as soon as she landed in Turkey Taşdemir was immediately taken into custody and neither her family nor her lawyers has been able to see her.

Solidarity with Taşdemir has been expressed in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay and it is expected that the campaign will spread even further across the continent.

The groups of solidarity with the Kurdish people have condemned the decision by Norway and asked for an immediate intervention to revert the decision.

In their statement, the Kurdistan solidarity groups in Latin America said “we support the demands of the Kurdish Women's Movement and the Kurdish people in general, and we hold the government of Norway responsible for any dramatic consequence of this extradition to a country where the Judicial Power is subject to the political will of a government, which has also suspended the application of the European Convention on Human Rights".

The committees signing the press release called "on all women, feminists and human rights activists of our continent to denounce this flagrant violation of the rights of an activist who has given her life to the struggle of her people for their right to exist".