Stop the occupation of Afrin, bring Anna home!

Dirk Campbell, father of the British YPJ fighter Anna Campbell who fell in Afrin, calls for an end to the occupation of Afrin and the transfer of the body of his daughter.

Solidarity actions for Afrin in London also appeal for Anna Campbell, who died as a YPJ fighter in Afrin and whose body could still not be recovered. Her friends have started a campaign demanding "Bring Anna Home".

Anna's family and friends also took part in a demonstration in London last Sunday. Dirk Campbell told the daily newspaper Yeni Özgür Politika that the Turkish occupation of Afrin must be ended. "The Turkish state is poisoning the entire region with its occupation policy. International institutions must intervene and enforce a ceasefire. And the body of my daughter must be salvaged and transferred."

After the death of YPJ fighter Anna Campbell, support has grown mainly from friends from Anna's city of Bristol and the socialist groups in which she was previously active. At the demonstration last weekend, many Kurdish and British participants were present. Dirk Campbell walked behind a banner reading: "Bring Anna home".