Students in Sweden join 'Twin Family' campaign

In Söderhamn, a small city in the northern part of Sweden, students in the 7th-9th grades of the Vågbroskolan and Stenbergskolan primary schools mobilized to help 10 families who are struggling with coronavirus in Amed.

Students joined the HDP-run "Twin Family" campaign and work one day a week in the fields or environment cleaning jobs and save the money they earn for the campaign to help 10 families in Amed.

Felicia Andersson, who works in a local newspaper in the city, talked to the students helping Kurds in Amed.

"I find it very meaningful that we work and earn money for those who need it," Rawan Radhison, a student, told the newspaper.

Alma Hansson, an 8th grade student at Vågbroskolan, works in a field in Trönö. She said: "Man can do this mechanically with a tractor, but this can adversely affect the lives of animals and worms," working the soil with a shovel.

"I find it very important to be able to help," says Hansson.

Two classmates, Tuva Becklin and Rawan Radhison, said they collect the waste in the field in Kungsgården, a few kilometers away from the field where Alma works.

"We can help people all over the world," says Radhison, adding that it's important to work to help people in need.

The newspaper said that the campaign for solidarity with the people of Amed was launched by the Kurdistan Solidarity Committee and the Söderhamn Initiative.

Kurdistan Solidarity Committee Chair, Benny Gustafsson, said the Söderhamn Initiative has launched a campaign to help 10 families in Amed who are negatively affected by unemployment due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Noting that some of the family members they aim to help are in prisons, Gustafsson said: “We wrote letters to students in schools to join the campaign. We aim to collect 20 thousand crowns. We aim to provide thousands of crowns for each family for 3 months.”

The newspaper also reminded that this was not the first campaign joined by the students who had previously carried out 5 campaigns in solidarity with the Kurdish people, especially Kobanê.