"Ten Years of Rojava Revolution" event in Zurich

A series of events on the topic of "Ten Years of the Rojava Revolution" is taking place in Switzerland. In Zurich, doctors Maja Hess and Michael Wilk reported on health care under war conditions in north-east Syria.

The Rojava revolution began ten years ago. To mark the occasion, a series of events is taking place in Switzerland. In Zurich, the activities started in April. At the events, reports were given on the current situation in northern Syria and the foundations of the revolution.

On Friday evening, Dr Michael Wilk and the doctor Maja Hess from Medico International Switzerland gave a talk at the Kirchgemeindehaus St. Jakob in Zurich on the topic of health in the Rojava revolution and the work of the Kurdish Red Crescent organisation Heyva Sor a Kurdistanê in the region.

Having worked in Rojava, both speakers reported on the difficulties of providing health care to the population under war conditions. The presentations described how Heyva Sor provides medical aid with mobile clinics under the permanent attacks of Turkey. The supply of drinking water in the numerous emergency shelters and camps for internally displaced persons also plays a major role.

The series of events is to continue until 17 July and an open-air event is planned in Zurich.