Those detained in political genocide giving their statements

The testimony of those detained in today’s political genocide operations has started at the police department.

Diyarbakır Chief Public Prosecutor's Office issued an arrest warrant for 101 people, including lawyers, within the scope of the political genocide operation against the Democratic Society Congress (DTK).

72 people, among them 32 lawyers, have been detained in Amed-based operations so far, including Istanbul, Izmir and Adıyaman. 4 people with a detention order could not be detained since they are in quarantine due to coronavirus measures.


A list of the names of the lawyers who served in the provinces or districts during local and general elections held in Amed was found in DTK building and was made as a pretext for the detentions. It is reported that another accusation against the lawyers is the membership to the Mesopotamia Lawyers’ Association (MHD), which was closed by a governmental decree.