Thousands in Colombia say: Let's Defend Peace!

Thousands took to the streets once again in Colombia demanding to defend peace and stop the assassination of social leaders.

Clashes between demonstrators and the police have taken place during rallies in the Colombian capital Bogota and several cities of the country.

The clashes erupted during yet another day of protest in Colombia. Police in some cases brutally repressed demonstrators. 

The most serious incident happened in Bogota, when police attacked a group of demonstrators who confronted the police, after the authorities tried to lift a barricade built on the road by protesters.

Campaign to Defend Freedom, denounced repression by police officers: "A young man was injured by the ESMAD [anti-riot police] on the pedestrian bridge of the Mandalay Transmillenium Station."

The young man was taken to a nearby hospital with multiple traumas.

Workers, students, indigenous people and activists took the streets of Colombia to carry out a protest against the assassination of social leaders, the abuses of the police and the social policies of the government, among other demands.

This is the first protest of the year, after the massive demonstrations in November and December against the social and economic measures of President Ivan Duque's government.