UK Labour Party conference to demand freedom for Öcalan

There will be an Öcalan program in the Labour Party conference to be held on September 22-26.

A call for Öcalan’s freedom was issued in the conference held by Trade Union Confederation (TUC), who have been holding a Freedom for Öcalan campaign in the UK with support from the Kurdish People’s Assembly Britain, and a program with a similar theme will be held in the main opposition Labour Party’s conference.

A call for Öcalan’s freedom is expected to be issued in the Labour Party conference that started on September 22 and will last till the 26th in Liverpool.

1200 delegates are attending the conference which began with the annual conference of women’s branch. Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn and the party’s Shadow Minister for Women and Equality, Dawn Butler held speeches.

A call for freedom for Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan is expected to leave its mark on the conference.

Representatives of unions running a campaign for Öcalan’s freedom are expected to attend day-long events. During the coming days, the campaign is expected to be brought to the conference agenda at the panel titled “Fight against fascism in the Middle East: Öcalan, Kurds and defending the women’s revolution”.


MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle, Lord Maurice Glasman, Shadow Justice Minister Shami Chakrabarti, Freedom for Öcalan Campaign Co-chair Simon Dubbins, International Freedom for Öcalan Campaign Representative Havin Güneşer and HDK Honorary Chairperson Ertuğrul Kürkçü.

A panel discussion titled “The role of Öcalan and the Kurds for peace and democracy in the Middle East” will be held in the conference under the lead of the Kurdish People’s Assembly and the KNK (Kurdistan National Congress) UK Representation Office. Lord Maurice Glasman, MP Tracy Brabin and KNK Representative Rizgar Wan are going to participate as speakers.