UK sanctions military suppliers supporting Russia's war machine, including a Turkish entity

The UK government announced new sanctions targeting people and groups that are supplying and funding Putin's war machine.

The UK announced 46 new sanctions targeting individuals and groups supplying and funding Putin’s war machine. This includes businesses in Belarus, China, Serbia, Turkey the UAE and Uzbekistan who "continue to support Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine."

“By including entities operating in China, Serbia, and Uzbekistan the UK has now taken action against over 30 third-country entities supporting Russia’s war efforts. This signals the UK’s no tolerance approach to those enabling Russia’s illegal war, wherever they may be,” said Britain's foreign ministry in a statement on Wednesday.

Foreign military suppliers exporting equipment and parts to Russia are among dozens of individuals and groups sanctioned today to target those helping Putin’s war machine.  

Russian weapons manufacturers and defence importers were also among the list of 46 new sanctions imposed as well as 3 actors supporting the Wagner Group network and 4 operators of so-called ‘shadow fleet’ vessels used by Russia to soften the blow of oil-related sanctions imposed by the UK alongside G7 partners.

Among those sanctioned today is a Turkish entity, Smart Trading Limited, involved in the supply of sanctioned western electronics to Russia.

“Today’s measures will disrupt Putin’s ability to equip his military through third-party supply chains in Belarus, China, Serbia, Turkey, the UAE and Uzbekistan,” said the statement by the foreign ministry.

In August the UK launched one of its largest ever actions targeting Russian military suppliers and last month took action to disrupt a covert procurement network used by Russia to acquire criticial western technology.