United against the war industry

In the run-up to the blockade of the Rheinmetall armaments group in Kassel on August 28, an online series of events is taking place.

On August 28, a blockade action against arms producers will take place in Kassel, Germany. As warm-up, the alliance “Rheinmetall Entwaffnen” [Disarm Rheinmetall] is running an online series of events from August 17 to 27.

“Rheinmetall Entwaffnen” was founded after the attacks on Afrin where Turkey has used arms “made in Germany” and by Rheinmetall. Ever since, the alliance has organised several action camps, and days, disruption of shareholder meetings and more in order to resist, protest and raise awareness about arms exports to Turkey. The week of online events is an opportunity to share and learn and to have a dialogue with events both in German and English with translations. Follow also the call to action in Kassel and worldwide!

Kurdish activist Nilüfer Koç will share her insights during the event "Freedom or Destruction – Focus on the Middle East " with. The announcement says: "Rheinmetall and other war profiteers are supplying the opponents of democratic development in the region, thus fuelling the intention to stir up fear and despair in the population of the region. The NATO states - especially Turkey - and their allies such as Saudi Arabia benefit from the US strategy of 'constructive chaos'. So does Russia. But above all, the Kurds are resisting together with the other peoples. Nilüfer Koç has been dealing with the situation on the side of liberation for a long time and talks about the background and emancipatory perspectives for the peoples of the Middle East.

In Ecology and War in Kurdistan a member of the campaign Make Rojava Green Again will talk about the connection of war and the destruction of nature and give an update about the situation in Rojava. An important topic is the need organise an anti-war dimension within the ecological struggle.

During The arms lobby at the heart of Europe two experts tell their insights about the immense influence of the arms industry on a national and EU level. Bram Vrancken from Vredesactie shares also on what resistance actions have already been organised.

Ralf Buchterkirchen will give an input about The military and manliness : "The increase of masculinity in the military, with the demarcation of everything that does not conform to this norm, is essential for strengthening and enabling war." He will zoom in on the deserter, opposed to the obedient soldier. After this a workshop on Workshop on autonomous feminist organisation will be nothing but evident. Finally, a deep dive into the Militarisation of the external borders: Fortress Europe and the  war against migrants by the EU and their allies.

The entire programme and the links to the online events are available on the "Rheinmetall Entwaffnen" website.