Women in Bakırköy Prison issue call to join March for Democracy

In a statement Bakırköy Prison women's prisoners condemned the attacks of the Turkish state and saluted the March for Democracy organised by the HDP.

The female prisoners said: “This march is not only for the Kurds but for all peoples. Everyone should claim the march and join it. If democracy wins, all humanity wins. As Bakırköy Prison women prisoners, we salute the march.”

The women prisoners also paid tribute to PKK Central Committee member Kasım Engin, who fell martyr as a result of Turkish air strikes at the end of May. “Kasım Engin – said the statement – fell martyr as a result of a big conspiracy. We condemn the invading Turkish state. We promise to be worthy of comrade Kasım Engin. We extend our condolences to his family and comrades.”

The women prisoners also condemned the attacks on Maxmur, Shengal and the Medya Defense Areas last Sunday night. “We condemn the Turkish state for these attacks. The government has such a big fear and cowardly kill the people in Maxmur and Shengal with bombs.”

The women in Bakırköy Prison also expressed their solidarity with Zeynep Celaliyan imprisoned by the Iranian regime and asked for a strong support of the signature campaign launched for Celaliyan.