Yazidi Women's Asayish Unit established in Shengal

Yazidi Women’s Asayish Unit has been established within the Êzidxane Asayish in Shengal.

A women's unit has been formed within the security forces "Êzidxanê Asayîş" in Shengal. Following the attack of the terrorist militia Islamic State in August 2014, which resulted in the massacre of thousands of Yazidis, armed structures for self-defense have been set up in Shengal.

When the YJŞ (Shengal Women’s Units) was first established, dozens of Yazidi women joined the organization to defend their people and land.

On the other hand, the Asayish is responsible for the internal security in the region.

A member of the newly founded Yazidi Women’s Asayish Unit is Suad Kirêt who said the following;

"Women suffered the most during the massacre against the Yazidi people. We are ready to do anything to make sure that our people do not suffer another genocide. We feel responsible for not allowing such a case ever again. After YJŞ and TAJÊ (Yazidi Women's Freedom Movement), the Asayish Unit of Yazidi Women has been established. That's the best response to the enemy."

Xalide Xêro from Khanasor has also joined the women's asayish unit: "The establishment of women’s security unit is good news for the entire Yazidi people. We have now started to work together with the Êzidxanê Asayish. Women have suffered differently than men. Now we will defend ourselves, our mothers and all women ourselves."