Young activists in Draguignan protest isolation of Abdullah Öcalan

In Draguignan, young CKF members protested the isolation of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, who was held captive in İmralı, and the Turkish state's invasion attacks on South Kurdistan.

A march was held in Draguignan, organized by young members of Ciwanen Kurdistani ên France (CKF).

The young activists took to the streets to protest the absolute isolation in which Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, has been held in Imrali. There has been no news from him for 40 months. Young people also condemned the attacks carried out by the Turkish state against South Kurdistan within the scope of its new invasion plans and the treasonous attitude of the KDP.

During the protest, which started in front of Draguignan La Poste and continued to the governor's building, slogans such as "Bijî Serok APO" and "Freedom for Leader APO" were frequently chanted. The crowd came in front of the governor's office and made a statement there after observing a minute's silence in memory of the martyrs of Kurdistan.

Making a statement on behalf of the youth movement, Erhan Kop said: “Until the isolation of Leader Öcalan is lifted, we, as the Kurdish youth in Europe, will always be protesting. The solution to all problems in the Middle East lies with Öcalan."

In his statement, Kop also touched upon the attacks carried out by the Turkish state against South Kurdistan and said: "The occupying Turkish state is committing war crimes in South Kurdistan. It displaces people from their homes without granting any international rights. They set up checkpoints even though they have no rights. The people of South Kurdistan must rise up and take a stand against this."