YPS Revenge Unit carries out action in name of martyr Kasım Engin

YPS Martyr Rêber Varto Revenge Unit carried out a series of actions in memory of PKK Central Committee Member Kasım Engin, who fell martyr on 27 May.

The Revenge Unit said in a written statement: "Our members carried out actions in Adıyaman, Istanbul and Aydın in memory of comrade Kasım Engin, who fell on 27 May, following airstrikes carried out by the Turkish state."

The statement gave details of the actions: "On 9 June our unit members carried out a sabotage action in Adıyaman against some AKP supporters and owners of some businesses who also exploit the people by using usury.

Our unit members set fire to the fascist wheat field in Tepecik, Efeler in Aydın on 8 June. As a result of our action, tens of acres of wheat fields were burned and destroyed.

On 6 June our unit members carried out a sabotage action against a pasture belonging to fascist people from AKP-MHP and a vehicle around Göktürk in Eyüpsultan, Istanbul. As a result of the action, the field and vehicles belonging to the fascists were destroyed."

The YPS Martyr Rêber Varto Revenge Unit added: "The Turkish state is trying to keep fascism alive through informers in the mountains and cities of Kurdistan. Informers are helping Turkey to escalate its attacks. Everyone should know that we will ask account for these attacks on collaborationists. We call on all sections of society to increase the fight against the spirit of Comrade Martyr Kasım Engin."