ANHA journalist: Stop Turkish attacks

ANHA correspondent Gulîstan Mihemed has called on the international community to stop the invading Turkish army attacks on Northern Syria.

Gulîstan Mihemed, an ANHA (Hawar News Agency) journalist wounded as a result of an attack by the Turkish army in Gire Spi, has launched an appeal to the international community. Mihemed called on the international community to act and stop Turkish attacks targeting children, civilians and journalists.

Journalist Gülistan Mihemed had to undergo emergency surgery as she was hit by fragments of rockets fired by the Turkish army.

Dr. Shahir Yûnis made a statement about the health status of Mihemed.

The journalist was brought to the hospital in a very serious condition and having lost a lot of blood, said doctor Yûnis adding that the reporter had to undergo surgery for the removal of the pieces of bullets and shrapnel in her face.

Doctor Yûnis also stated that the journalist has passed the critical stage and is now out of danger.