Defend the women’s revolution in Rojava!

A video campaign has been launched following a Jineology call to defend the Rojava Women’s Revolution.

A campaign video called ‘Defend the Women's Revolution in Rojava’ has been launched by Jineology. In the call for videos, the promoters said the campaign aims at “drawing attention, raising awareness and calling all to take action against all threats.”

To prepare this video, say the promoters “we need short videos from all of you. Each video can be one minute or less. After giving your opinion about the recent situation of Rojava, women can finish off by saying ‘defend the women’s revolution’, ‘defend the women’s revolution in Rojava’. If you have the facility to edit and montage your video and send it to us directly will be great, if not please just send us the videos you have recorded.”

The videos should reach the promoters by 10 January, 2019.

Videos can be sent to: [email protected]

Since the brutal invasion of Afrin early this year, said the statement to launch the campaign “the threat of the fascist Turkish state attack on the liberated areas of Rojava (Northern Syria) continues as they prepare to attack more fiercely. These attacks on Rojava in essence are an attack on the women’s revolution that has been advancing. While the international community remains and continues to keep silent, every day we face the dangers of war crimes and civilian casualties beside a threat of genocide in the region. On 13th December 2018 the Turkish state made this clear again through the bombing of Maxmur refugee camp and several villages around Sinjar.”

With great sacrifices and efforts, the women’s revolution based on women’s liberation, ecological and grassroots democracy was thriving in Rojava. “But Erdogan - said the statement - along with his fascist and religious-fundamentalist allies, they are openly announcing an ideological and physical war against the resistance of women that are fighting against fascism, patriarchy, capitalism and all other forms of oppression.”

The appeal ends with the following statements: “We believe, we have historical responsibility to defend the revolution and freedom against all threats. We need all people, friends and comrades to feel responsible and prepare for a new phase of resistance!

We need to strengthen our solidarity all over the world and take action against all collaborative forces’ threats and attacks now more than ever! The war against the women’s revolution is an international one, therefore our response and resistance must also be internationally fought back!”