In this village we live in a communal way!

In Northern and Eastern Syria, communal life developed with the Rojava Revolution and is now an established feature in many villages.

The people living in the village of Carûdiyê (Derik) have completely adapted to communal  and are implementing the communal system in all its aspects. 

The peasants, who earn their living from agriculture, share the harvest equally through the agricultural co-operatives they have set up. Villagers also regularly clean the fields once a week. In the village are 27 families and wheat is the main harvest. Villagers produce straw and bran and share the harvest equally among themselves.

One of the residents of the village, Kawa Delî, explained to ANHA that after collecting the vegetables planted by villagers each year, they are putting the vegetables together and share them among them, thus they don’t have to go to the city to buy them. Peasants made a special meal using this year's wheat. Delî reminded that this meal is expensive in the market.

Şaha Ehmed said that the peasants were using 30-year-old agricultural equipment, yet pointed out that the communal spirit of life in the village was strong.