Invaders increase barbaric practices in Afrin

The Turkish state and their allied gangs occupying Afrin have pillaged the city and continue to inflict inhumane attacks against the civilian population. Turkey increases the attacks with each passing day to change the demographic make up of the region.

The invading Turkish state has used all the technologies for war at their disposal and carried out barbaric attacks to pillage Afrin, and the inhumane attacks by them and their allied gangs, the abductions, pillaging, rapes and murders targeting the city’s residents know no bounds.


The invading Turkish state has been settling gang members and their families brought in from various Syrian provinces in the houses civilians from Afrin have been forced to evacuate. This practice that aims to change the demographic make up of the region has caused the complete evacuation of the Meydan Eqbes village in Rajo, where no villagers remain and all houses are occupied by gang members’ families. The Turkish state has also settled in 200 gang members in homes forcibly evacuated in the Mabata district. The residents forced out of their homes have had to resort to staying with relatives in the villages.

The people of Afrin resist the attacks and forced migration policies of the Turkish state, and have been tortured, threatened and forcibly displaced for it.

Dozens of families are living on the streets now as gang members and their families brought in from Eastern Ghouta have been settled in their homes in the Til Silur village and the district center in Jindirese.


Not a day goes by that civilians from Afrin are not abducted and tortured. According to reliable sources in the region, at least 75 civilians have been abducted from the Mabata, Jindirese, Bilbile and Sherawa districts in this past week alone. There is no information at all on the 25 people abducted from the Dargire village and the 11 people abducted from the Badina village in the Mabata district.

Some of the abducted civilians are: Mihemed Hesen Cefer, Shakêr Hesen Cefer, Hisên Mihemed Caro, Mihemed Xelîl Mihemed Caro, Enwer Mihemed Caro, Ewnî Shaban Bin Mihemed, Mihemed Shaban Bin Mihemed, Xebat Neshat Sîno, Emîne Ehmed Sentûr, Reshîd Hebesh Hebesh and Hecî Ebdo Hebesh.

Gulê Xelîl (45) and her daughter Xezalê Selmo (16) were abducted from the Birj Abdalo village in Sherawa, and have been released after a ransom was paid. The Turkish state has abducted Mistefa Hisên Arif, Mihemed Xelîl Hemdî, Arif Mistefa Hisên and Fewzî Ebdîn Mistefa from the Merkan village in the Mabata district, Rênas Hesen(20) and Mistefa Cuma Hesen(30) from the Bastute village of Sherawa, Mihemed (33) from the Qestel Xidriya village in Bilbile and Hisên Îsho Bin Bekîr from the Til Silor village in the Jindirese district. The fate of these abducted civilians is unknown.

The Turkish state has also abducted 23 people from the Kurzele village of Sherawa to an unknown location. Pharmacists Xelîl Hec Ebdo Bin Mihemed and Mihemed Hedad Bin Xelîl were abducted from the Kefer Sefre village of Jindirese. The fate of Ednan Îbo and Mesûd Ibrajîm Mamo abducted from the Iskan village and Derwîş Derwîş (30) abducted from the Keferzite village in Sherawa are unknown. A doctor abducted from the Coqe village 15 days ago Riyad Mela hasn’t been heard from since.


The Turkish state’s gangs, who pillaged through homes, businesses and olive and pomegranate groves in Afrin, is now extorting people at the military checkpoints they set up along main roads and city entrances.

The gang member who collects the most money is rewarded by the gang leaders and Turkish commaders at the end of every day. A village resident who wishes to remain anonymous said they witnessed a gang member who collected $4.300 in one day in the Tirinde village, and that the gang member was rewarded.


The Turkish army and their allied gangs have pillaged through the grains, fruits, walnuts and pomegranates in the city and have increased their looting of the olive groves in the region. Turkish soldiers and gangs have confiscated most of the olive harvest in the Sherawa and Sheran districts, where the olive factories were made to open early. The so-called local councils the Turkish state formed have set their eyes on what little olives the people have left. The coucils announced that every resident is required to give 10% of their product as tax. The notice also said olive groves with owners forced to migrate will be confiscated.

The Turkish state and their allied gang groups continue their inhumane practices as the whole world watches.