Maoist Communist Party: We stand with Kurds against occupation!

Maoist Communist Party (MKP) Central Committee-Political Bureau condemned Turkish policies against Kurds.

Maoist Communist Party (MKP) Central Committee-Political Bureau condemned in a written statement, the Turkish state occupation of Afrin in 2018, the massacres committed there and the assimilation policy it carried out. 

The statement also condemned the invasion attack on the Bradost area in South Kurdistan. “The Turkish Republic sovereign system of the AKP-MHP is the continuation of a policy of hostility towards Kurds which is going on since the Kemalist dictatorship.”

Stating that Turkey is aiming at converting Xakurkê into a military base zone, the MKP said: “Turkey wants to evacuate 500 settlements in the area by bombing them and thus having an empty land.” 

The MKP insisted that “the AKP-MHP fascist power aims to create a corridor-region under its control from Afrin to Bradost-Xakûrkê.”

Against these plans, said the MKP “are Kurdish successful and ongoing resistance campaigns” and added that it will “take its place against the invasion attacks in solidarity with the Kurdish Nation and Movements.”