People of Dirbêsiyê and Til Temir against Turkish occupation

People of North and East Syria continue their protests against Turkey’s threats to invade the region.

A group of people from Dirbêsiyê and Til Temir have taken over the human shield action launched at Serekaniye border 4 days ago against the Turkish state’s threats to invade North and East Syria.

On the fourth day, the action was joined by Kongreya Star Coordination Member Foza Yûsif, Kongreya Star Coordination Member Asya Abdullah, Cizire Region Executive Council Co-president Talat Yûnis and MSD (Syrian Democratic Council) representatives.

Speaking here, Cizire Region Executive Council Co-president Talat Yûnis thanked those who are resisting against Turkish invasion and wished them a happy Eid.

Remarking that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and enemies of peoples tried to inflict a blow on the achievements of the North and East Syrian people, Yûnis said; “We will not abandon our lands and we will resist.”

Yûnis stressed that the Turkish state uttered threats because it was disturbed by the achievements made through the project of Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria that was built under challenging conditions.

Yûnis called upon all international forces to take action to stop Turkish threats of invasion against the region.

Speaking after, MSD member Edlê Misto said; “We will continue our actions and protect our lands to the very end. Erdoğan and his collaborators should know that they will never manage to crush the will of North and East Syrian peoples.”