TEV-DEM: UN and EU must take action against Turkey

TEV-DEM Diplomatic Relations Center has condemned Turkey’s attacks against Kobanê and called on the international community to take precautions.

The Turkish state has attacked the villages of Kobanê during celebrations of the first anniversary of the Raqqa victory, and as the quadruple summit continued in Istanbul.

TEV-DEM (Movement for a Democratic Society) Diplomatic Relations Center issued a statement after the attack on Sunday and said the Turkish state doesn’t accept any solutions or any way that the war ends.

TEV-DEM said, “At an important time when the final phase to end ISIS is in action, and a political solution for the construction of a new Syria is on the table, the Turkish state completely rejects any and all efforts which would bring a solution to Syria and end the war that has been devastating Syria and its people.”

TEV-DEM pointed to the timing of the Kobanê attack and said, “The Turkish army attack against Kobanê’s villages came as Turkey, Germany, France and Russia held a quadruple summit on October 28, 2018 and on the anniversary of Raqqa’s liberation. This shows that Turkey wants a continuation of the war in Syria. Turkey has also been implementing a style of politics under Erdogan’s lead that destroys the possibilities for a solution, wishes to revive ISIS and demands a continuation of the military and political destruction in Syria. Turkey also stands against the development of democratic and scientific projects that guarantee a national solution in Syria, ensure the unity of Syrian society and end the civil war.”

“The Turkish state has no legitimate reason for these illegitimate attacks,” said TEV-DEM and continued:

“The Northern and Eastern Syrian Administration has the right to defend the region’s and Syria’s democratic projects, and to self-defense. The Kurdish, Arab, Syriac and Assyrian peoples living in this region, peoples of all ethnicities and faiths, have the right to defend themselves and their achievements against those who continue their attacks, especially without legitimate reason.”

TEV-DEM condemned the Turkish army attack against the Kobanê region and its villages and issued the following call: “We are calling on the United Nations Security Council, the European Union and the forces in Syria involved in the situation starting with the International Coalition, to those who assess our fight against ISIS and our victories, and our efforts for a democratic solution to take necessary precautions in the fight against terrorism. We are calling on these groups to not sacrifice our fight against terror and our struggle for their own interests. One of the primary tasks of these forces is to implement serious efforts for a democratic solution in Syria. As such, it is another duty for these powers to stop Turkey’s attacks and invasions against Syria. Meanwhile, we are also calling on the international community to act after taking into consideration that Turkey supports terrorism and threatens Syria’s security.”

The statement concluded with: “We are calling on all constituents and our people, on political parties, on social and civil movements both within and outside the country to take a harsh stand against the Turkish state. The Turkish state’s policies in Afrin must be exposed, as well as Turkey’s and Erdogan’s efforts to prevent the peoples of Syria from uniting and reviving terrorism under new names post-ISIS.”