Yazidi House becomes umbrella organization of Yazidis in Rojava

The Yazidi House was established to be the umbrella organization of all Yazidis in Rojava.

The Yazidi House of Cizire Region, in northern Syria, held its 4th congress in Amude town with the participation of Afrin and Shengal Yazidi House members, representatives of Syriac, Kurdish and Arab parties, representatives from all faith groups, opinion leaders, Autonomous Administration officials, YPG (People’s Defense Units) commanders and TEV-DEM (Democratic Society Movement) Executive Council Co-president Xerîb Hiso.

Following assessments and proposals during the congress, 35 people were elected for the administration of the Yazidi House, 15 of whom are women.

The final declaration of the congress stated that decisions were made to document and record the history and culture of Yazidis, to train children according to the Yazidi faith, to print monthly magazines across Northern and Eastern Syria, and to develop relations with Yazidis living in other countries.

Separately, the Yazidi House was recognised as the umbrella organization of all Yazidi institutions in Rojava.