YPJ Spokesperson: We never faced a war like this

The YPJ spokesperson has underlined the role of Turkey in the war. “Turkey has been the first to enter in Syria through its support to the opposition and trying to manipulate the democratic movement of the people in order to fulfill its interests”.

The International Forum on Demographic Change and Ethnic Cleansing in Afrin, organised in Amude, has entered its second day on Monday.

In the first session the ethnic cleansing and demography changes were discussed from a military point of view.

The first speakers of the session were Dr. Ehmed Durzi, YPJ spokesperson Nesrin Abdullah, French writer Patrice Franceschi and YPG spokesperson Nuri Mehmud.

We never lived a war like this before

“The parties are trying to map the Middle East in line with their own economic and political interests”, said YPJ spokesperson Nesrin Abdullah, commenting on the developments in Syria.

Indicating that Syria found itself in the field of the Third World War, Abdullah added that a similar war has never been seen before when it comes to purpose, method and content.

Abdullah added: “The forces participating in the Syrian have gathered in this land. The war targets all the components of the society, especially women and children. Millions of people were forced to migrated, thousands of people went missing and thousands more were killed and wounded. The regional infrastructure is in ruins. According to official reports of international research centers, the cost of demolition reaches $ 400 billion”.

Turkey is working to bring the Ottoman dream to life

The YPJ spokesperson has underlined the role of Turkey in the war. “Turkey has been the first to enter in Syria through its support to the opposition and trying to manipulate the democratic movement of the people in order to fulfill its interests”.

Sometimes, said Abdullah, Turkey “presented itself as a defender of the Syrian people and sometimes it tried to get something from some of the Syrian components. It has used the opposition as a tool for its own interests. Ultimately, it engaged into political bargaining with other groups and Afrin was the victim of political bargaining.”

Turkey has violated international law, said Abdullah “in Afrin and it is continuing to pursue its policy in order to revive the Ottoman dream. Azaz, Jarablus and Bab, were invaded and its eyes were on Aleppo as well. After launching a great battle with all sorts of heavy weapons, Turkey invaded Afrin and now it threatens to attack the east of the Euphrates.”

When looked from Turkey's political, geographical and social point of view, Abdullah said, it is clear why they try to open a new crisis. “In this context Turkey has finally opened a new border crossing in the district of Jinderes”.

In Afrin 335 civilians murdered in 7 months

Abdullah then described the war crimes after the invasion in Afrin. “In addition to the crimes such as killing, torture, abduction and forced migration, the structure of society has being changed in Afrin.”

According to the 7-month report prepared by the institutions registering the crimes against humanity. Between 18 March and 29 September 2018, 335 civilians were martyred, 729 civilians were wounded, 937 people were kidnapped and 72 children lost their lives due to mines. This number continues to increase.”

Turkey is using Jihadist groups

Abdullah said that these crimes committed by the Turkish state are violating international law. She also said that Turkey is using jihadist groups in Afrin.

Abdullah recalled that “the first attack occurred in the village of Qestel Cindo in 2013. The attack on the village of Qestel Cindo was organized by the Liwa Asifet Al-Shimal group from the city of Azaz. In September of the same year, DAESH launched a comprehensive attack on the villages of Der Belut, Dewa and Celeme in the Jindires region with the help of Islamic groups affiliated with the Syrian opposition coalition.

As of June 2013, 14 armed, including the Military and Revolutionary Assembly, Liwa Tewhid, Liwa Cund El Heremen, ISIS, Ahrar al-Sham, Liwa Eshab Al-Yemin, Liwa Yermuk, Liwa Ehrar al-Shiyux, Siqur al-Sham and al-Nusra. had surrounded the region.

Each group took guard at the border and the Turkish state was opening fire against the civilians who wanted to cross the border.

According to reports prepared by human rights organizations, over 200 civilians have lost their life on the border, shot by Turkish soldiers.

Over 400,000 refugees from Afrin

The YPJ spokesperson said that despite the embargo, before the Turkish invasion, Afrin region was the safest zone for refugees fleeing from other war zones within Syria. “People from different areas, of different identities, languages, cultures poured into Afrin and lived together with local people in peace and mutual respect.”

According to reports by the Afrin Social Studies Council, more than 400 thousand refugees, including women, children and elderly people, have lived in the homes of Afrin people and in the Rubar Camp from 2014 and till the Turkish occupation.

International law violated

Terrorist groups under the command of the Turkish state have been violating international rules and law using all types of weapons and attacks, said Abdullah, pointing out to the horrible plight of women and girls, who found themselves kidnapped, raped and killed by mercenaries.

The Turkish state’s policy of political and cultural genocide

Historical sites and buildings are being demolished and the policy of Turkification is imposed in order to dehumanize people and their sites as well as carrying out a cultural genocide.

The original name of squares, streets, settlements and villages are changed and replaced by Turkish and Arabic names, said Abdullah.

“Turkish education materials have been made compulsory in schools, - said Abdullah - while education in the mother tongue is banned and Turkish flags are hung in official buildings. Women are forced to wear the veil and sacred places, especially the Yazidi’s ones, have been destroyed”.

Abdullah pointed out that these war crimes committed by the Turkish state took place in front of the world’s eyes and added: “But this reality does not mean that other forces in Syria do not commit crimes, do not violate rights or indeed want to solve the crisis in Syria.”

In spite of this, Abdullah said they stand beside people who support peace and resistance and thanked everyone who defended the dignity of humanity.

“We will never forget the support given to us by the women of the world. - she said - They became our spiritual source of power. We promise once again: we will use all our strength to ensure women's freedom and justice. We would like to thank you once again on behalf of all Northern Syrian and YPJ women, and wish everyone success in your struggle to protect and defend the values ​​of humanity”.