2 Turkish-backed jihadists killed in HRE operations

HRE reports continued operations against the occupation forces in Afrin territory.

Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) continue to carry out successful operations against the invading Turkish army and their jihadist gangs in the Afrin region.

HRE announced the details of their latest operations as follows:

“On January 1st at 1 p.m. in the village of Basoute in the Sherawa district of Afrin, our forces carried out a sabotage operation against the base and positions of the Hamza Brigade. As a result, 2 jihadists from the mentioned group were killed and a further 3 were also injured.

Turkish UAV activity continues over the Shera district of Afrin. Simultaneously, the invading Turkish army and their jihadists carried out heavy shelling with howitzers on the villages Merenaz, Malikiye, Shewarikha and Kela Shewarikha. Material damages to the properties of the villagers were caused due to the shelling on the region.”