27 people, including 7 children, killed in Turkish drone attacks in NE Syria in August

27 people, including 7 children, lost their lives as a result of the drone attacks of the invading Turkish state against North and East Syria during the month of August.

The invading Turkish state continues to target North and East Syria in every possible way. After the recent talks in Tehran on July 19 and in Sochi on August 5, Turkey has stepped up its attacks against the region, targeting civilian settlements in the first place in an attempt to displace the people as part of its genocidal plan to occupy the entire region and change its demography.

In August, 27 people, including 7 children, were martyred as a result of strikes by Turkish unmanned combat aerial vehicles (SIHA).

The one-month balance sheet of the Turkish attacks against the region is as follows:

*On August 3, a Turkish drone targeted the Syriac Til Cuma village in the Zirgan district of Hesekê. The attack left a citizen dead, whose identity could not be verified.

*On August 4, a Turkish drone bombed the Til Rifet district in the Shehba canton, leaving 9 people, including 6 children, injured. The names of the injured civilians are as follows: Duniya Osman (6), Mehmûd Xerîb Mamo (6), Hisên Cemal Qasim (7), Avrîn Ebdurehman Heyder (13), Orîvan Mihemed Ebdo (15), Ronahî Silo (27), Hisên Bêrem Elko (43), Sebah Henan Hemo (10), Arziyê Ehmed Resho (23).

* On August 6, 5 people, including 2 children, were martyred after a Turkish drone attacked a vehicle near the Heseko Station in the Sina Neighbourhood of Qamishlo. The victims included PJAK commander Rêza Cawît, SDF Military Discipline Board member Mezlûm Sededîn (Rûxwaz Amûdê), children Ehmed Elî Hisên and Aheng Ekrem Hisên, and citizen Şemdîn Şemdîn.

*On August 9, a Turkish drone targeted the vicinity of the Jiyan Covid-19 hospital in the north of Qamishlo and killed 4 fighters of the Self-Defence Forces, whose names are: Hêvîn Osman (Dilsoz Tirbespiyê), Elî El Mislet, Muhyedîn Îbrahîn (Muhyedîn Gulo) and Mahir El Ezbê.

*On August 10, a Turkish drone bombed the village of Mela Sibat in the west of Qamishlo. SDF fighters Dijwar Kobanê and Bawer Enz (Çiya Qamişlo) and a citizen named Edîb Yusif lost their lives.

*On August 16, a Turkish drone struck the Sinceq Sadûn village in the south of the Amûdê district, killing 5 fighters of the Self-Defence Forces. The names of the martyred fighters are as follows: Welîd Hemîd Hemê (Baz Amûdê), Ehmed Mihemed Qaqûz (Baran Amûdê), Seed Rêzan Xelîl (Demhat Amûdê), Mahir Rakan (Şoreş Dirbêsiyê) and Mehmûd Ehmed Mislet (Ronî Can).

* On August 16, the invading Turkish army bombed the city of Kobanê with heavy weapons. A child named Ebid Mihemed Heci (12) was martyred, and 4 citizens were injured.

*On August 18, a Turkish drone bombed an UN-sponsored girls' education centre in the village of Şemokê on the Hesekê-Til Temir Road. The attack claimed the lives of 4 girls, whose names are as follows: Raniya Ata, Zozan Zêdan, Dîlan Izedîn and Diyane Elo. 11 other children were injured as a result of the attack.

* On August 24, a Turkish drone strike in the Til Rifet killed 4 people, identified as Reşid Elîko (28), Hemze Îbo Birîm, Zuhêr Ebdurehman Mihemed (36) and Fatme Osman (21). The attack also injured 5 other people, whose names are: Semir Ebdulqadir Reşo (31), Edhem Reşid Henan (54), Menan Reşid Hesen (57), Hisên Murad (13) and Egîd Fexrî Şêxo (32).