8 children killed, 24 injured by Turkish attacks on North-East Syria after Tehran and Sochi summits

10 people, 8 of them being children, were killed and 27 more, 24 of whom were children, were injured in the Turkish attacks on North and East Syria following the summits Turkey participated in Tehran and Sochi.

After his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in Tehran on July 19, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held another meeting with Putin in Sochi on August 5. After the Syria-focused talks, Turkish attacks on North and East Syria have escalated. According to a balance sheet by ANHA, 10 people, including 8 children, were killed and 27 other people, including 24 children, were injured in the Turkish drone and missile attacks after the talks.

The Turkish attacks on the region and their toll after the Tehran and Sochi talks are as follows:

*A teenager named Fehîma Reşo (17), who was seriously injured on July 26 in an attack on the town of Til Rifet, died on August 2.

* On August 2, Turkish drones bombed Til Rifet district centre which left 9 people, 6 of whom were children, injured. The names of the injured children are as follows: “Dîna Osman (6), Mehmûd Xerîb Mamo (6), Hisên Cemal Qasim (7), Sebah Henan Hemo (10), Avrîn Ebdurehman Heyder (13), Orîvan Mihemed Ebdo (15).”

* On August 9, the village of Sêgirka was bombed by heavy weapons. Children named Mihemed Salih (12), Mîrah Selah (12), Îlan Selah (5) and Bilind Mihemed Şemsedin (16) were injured in the Turkish bombing.

* On August 16, Turkish drones struck the Sinaa District of Qamishlo, killing 4 people, 2 of whom were children, named Ehmed Elî Hisên and Aheng Ekrem Hisên.

* On August 16, Kobanê's downtown and rural areas were bombed. Ebid Mihemed Heci (12) was killed in a shelling of the Zorava village, west of Kobanê, while a child named Xelîl Cîhad Şêxo (2) was injured in the attack on Kobanê's downtown.

* On August 16, a child named Temîm Feysel Hemed (11) was injured in a Turkish shelling by heavy weapons that targeted Zirgan district centre.

* On August 16, a child named Ehmed Îmad Îbiş (15) was injured in the head and leg following a Turkish bombing on the Bênê village in the Sherawa district of Afrin Canton.

* On August 18, a Turkish drone struck an UN-sponsored education centre for girls in the Şemoka village located on the Hesekê-Til Temir Road. The attack killed 4 children and injured 11 others.