Erdoğan to meet Putin in Russia to negotiate over the Kurds

The fascist chief of the invading Turkish state, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, is scheduled to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Russia.

The attacks of the invading Turkish state in Kurdistan continue. The Turkish state, which has come to a deadlock in the face of freedom guerrillas’ resistance, is looking for a way out through a new invasion attack against Rojava.

As the invasion threats and attacks of the invading Turkish state against Rojava keep unabated, Erdoğan will reportedly meet with Vladimir Putin in Russia today (Aug. 5) to discuss the grain deal, Turkey’s military campaign against Rojava and the ongoing nuclear power plant project in Akkuyu.

The last meeting between Erdoğan and Putin took place in Iran's capital Tehran on July 19. The two presidents will meet today in Sochi, Russia's Black Sea coast resort.

During the meeting held in Tehran on July 19, Russia and Iran did not give green light to a new invasion attack of the invading Turkish state against Rojava.