PYD: Turkish escalation is upshot of the Tehran summit

PYD condemned the daily Turkish aggressive acts against North-East Syria, defining the latest wave of attacks as a practical translation of the results of the Tehran summit.

The General Council of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) issued a statement condemning the Turkish occupation state's attacks on the North-East Syrian region.

"Every day and every hour, Turkey practices a destructive approach, aggressive behavior and a retaliatory policy against the regions of North-East Syria, with blatant disregard for all humanitarian norms and standards without the intervention of the international community and humanitarian organizations," said the PYD statement released on Sunday.

The statement added, "Yesterday, there was another massacre against our people, as a result of which our three comrades were martyred, who were members of the Women's Protection Units (YPJ) and contributed to the fight against ISIS."

"These daily aggressive actions and unjustified escalation by the Turkish occupation against our regions are a practical translation of the results of the recent summit in Tehran, that aims to maintain the state of tension and violence, exclude solutions, mix cards, and continue the expansionist and settlement policy."

PYD condemned "the position of international institutions for their silence on the massacres committed by the Turkish occupation against our people.” The party demanded immediate intervention “to stop the massacres committed against the civilian population and the members of the Syrian components, and to provide protection for innocent citizens."

PYD concluded its statement with an appeal to “our people and all components of the region to renounce division and confront aggression."

The party called on Arab and regional countries and all countries of the world to “take action to condemn the ongoing Turkish violations."