34 parties and movements in North-East Syria stand against Turkish invasion

34 political parties and movements released a joint statement against the invasion attacks of the Turkish state, demanding closure of north-eastern Syria’s airspace.

Reactions to Turkey’s threats and invasion attacks against the North and East Syrian regions continue.

34 political parties and groups in North and East Syria issued a joint statement concerning the Turkish state's threats against the region. The statement was read out at the Diplomatic Research and Counselling Centre in Qamishlo.

The statement was read out in Kurdish, Arabic and Syriac languages by Conservative Party member Ednan Izo, Syrian Unity Party member Gabrîal Şemûn and Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party leader Telal Mihemed.


“Many international parties have asked the Turkish state to act in accordance with the ceasefire agreements signed in October 2019 and not to launch any new military operation against North and East Syria. Yet, the Turkish state is continuing to pursue a policy of genocide by bombing the cities, towns and villages of North and East Syria with drones. Most recently, it targeted Autonomous Administration Executive Council Co-Chair Ferhad Shibli in the city of Sulaymaniyah, the Kurdistan Region of Iraq,” the statement on Tuesday said.


“Despite international statements calling for the Turkish state to back down from its threats and attacks, it has continued its expansion project and occupied Afrin, Girê Spî and Serêkaniyê. Turkey has committed hideous war crimes against innocent civilians. In the meantime, it continues to carry out ethnic cleansing, forced displacements and demographic change against the native residents. Since the United Nations (UN) has not launched any international investigation into Turkey's violation of international agreements and humanitarian law, Turkey seeks to complete its irredentist project by occupying further Syrian territory,” the statement remarked.


“Despite being a member of the global coalition to defeat ISIS, Turkey acts as a rogue state in the Middle East and carries out state terror against the peoples of the region. It has not fought ISIS on its border for years, while it facilitated the passage of terrorists to Syria, and favoured ISIS and Al-Nusra terrorist leaders in the regions it has occupied.

Any new military operation against North and East Syria will eliminate all the achievements of the global coalition and its partner, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). A possible military operation of the Turkish army will weaken the war against terrorist organizations, lead to the spread of the civil war and frustrate efforts to find a solution to the refugee influx into Europe and the countries in the region. It will also create a suitable environment for dangerous terrorists in camps and prisons to re-control the region.


Therefore, in order to prevent a new attack against millions of civilians, the political parties and groups in North and East Syria call on the international coalition member states, particularly the USA, England and France, as well as the Russian Federation to take drastic actions against and the Turkish state. We call on the international coalition member states to close the airspace of North and East Syria to the Turkish state.

Furthermore, we call on our people at home and abroad to step into action and to put pressure on the Turkish state to prevent its attacks and bring it to account for its crimes against humanity.”


The list of parties and movements that endorsed the joint statement is as follows:

1-Democratic Unity Party (PYD)

2-Democratic Green Party

3-Kurdistan Democratic Peace Party

4-Kurdistan Liberal Union

5-Kurdistan Communist Party

6-Syria-Kurdistan Democratic Party

7-Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party

8-Syrian Kurdish Left Party

9-Syrian Kurdish Democratic Left Party

10-Kurdistan National Community Party

11-Kurdistan Working Union

12- Kurdistan Democratic Change Party

13-Arab National Committee

14-Kurdistan Modern Movement

15-Kurdistan Republican Party

16-Syrian-Kurdish Democratic Alliance Party

17-Syrian Reform Movement

18-Democratic Assyrian Party

19-Kurdistan Brotherhood Party

20-Syrian Kurdish Democratic Day Party

21-Rojava-Free National Union

22-Democratic Society Movement

23-Kongra Star

24-Democratic Conservative Party

25-Democratic Struggle Party

26-Kurdistan Future Party

27-Rojava Kurdistan-Kurdistan Democratic Party

28 – Movement for Democratic Change

29-Syriac Unity Party

30-Syrian Kurdish Democratic Party

31-Syrian Future Party

32-Democratic and Modern Party

33-Democratic Change Movement

34-Kurdish Democratic Union Party