47 people, including 2 children, killed in Turkish attacks on North-East Syria in a week

The invading Turkish state continues its genocidal attacks against North-East Syria, killing more people every day thanks to international silence and inaction.

Since last Thursday, the Turkish state has been carrying out a so-called "air-ground offensive" against north-eastern Syrian autonomous territory, justifying this aggression with an attack by the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in Ankara on 1 October, when two PKK guerrillas carried out a sacrificial action in front of the Turkish Interior Ministry in the highly secured government quarter.

The Turkish air terror, which Ankara justifies with the right to self-defence, is specifically targeting the vital infrastructure of the civilian population of northern and eastern Syria. More than two million people are currently cut off from basic services, and the energy infrastructure of Hesekê, Qamişlo and Amûdê has been almost completely destroyed.

Attacks on the civilian population or civilian infrastructure constitute war crimes. The international community ignores this open breach of international law and lets Ankara have its way in its war against the Kurds without consequence. Not only in Syria, but also in Iraq, Turkey is given a permanent green light for war crimes.

According to a balance sheet prepared by ANHA (Hawar News Agency), at least 47 people were killed and 59 others injured as a result of Turkish attacks between 4-11 October.  The victims include 10 civilians, among them 2 children.

On 8 October, Turkish forces carried out bloody attacks on several locations in Derik and Rimelan, including the Anti-Drug Forces Academy that works to protect society from the repercussions of drugs, as well as oil fields and civilian areas. The attacks directed against the Anti-Drug Forces Academy in Derik resulted in the martyrdom of 29 members of the Anti-Drug Forces, and the wounding of 28 others.

An aerial attack in the Amude district in Qamishlo Canton claimed the lives of 6 members of the Internal Security Forces in North and East Syria and a member of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).