Abductions and murders on the rise in Afrin

Abductions for ransom and murders against civilians are on the rise in Turkish state occupied Afrin. The gangs tortured and killed a civilian in Afrin and several civilians were abducted in May.Policies to change the demographic makeup are still in place.

Turkish state allied gangs tortured and killed a civilian in Afrin. Local sources said Mihemed Ibrahim (50) from the Xelilaka village in Bilbile was battered and tortured by the gangs on May 14 while he was working in his field, and lost his life a few days later due to the torture he endured.


Sources said that on May 15, Mihemed Ehmed Birim (33) was abducted by the gangs for the third time, Ebdo Mihemed (25) was abducted from the Miske Jorin village of Jindirese and Tahir Sahin was abducted from the Basute village of Sherawa. The abductees are held for ransom and will be executed if the ransom is not paid.

Gangs allied with the Turkish state have been abducting even their allies in the “councils” they set up. Cigerxwin Semo, a member of the “Jindirese Local Council”, was abducted from the Hec Hesna village.


The Turkish state is sending the gangs with their families to Afrin to protect them. Sources said there are a total of 1.000 gang members from Idlib, Shiye and Bilbile who were placed in the homes of Afrin’s former residents who were forced to migrate.

The Turkish state is also reportedly building new camps for gangs in the Qurne village in the Bilbile district, in the Surke village in the Rajo district and in Jindirese center. The same sources said camps in the Mele Xelil and Mihemediye villages in Jindirese have been expanded.