Abdullah Öcalan's birthday celebrated in Kobanê and Sirîne

Leader Abdullah Öcalan's birthday was celebrated in Kobanê and Sirîne in the Euphrates Region.

The Euphrates Region Martyrs' Families Council organized an event with the participation of the children of the martyrs in Sirîne to celebrate Leader Abdullah Öcalan's birthday, which is on 4 April.

At the beginning of the event, candles were lit in front of the photos of Leader Abdullah Öcalan. Behiya El Eli, co-chair of the Martyrs' Families Assembly, said: "Democracy has developed in this land thanks to the ideas of Leader Abdullah Öcalan."

Then, groups affiliated with the culture and art center in Sirînê sang some songs. The event ended with the slogan “Bê serok jiyan nabe”.

In the city of Kobanê, the Internal Security Forces celebrated the birthday of Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

Kongra Star Coordination Member Macîda Hesûn saluted Leader Abdullah Öcalan's resistance in Imralı and said, "4 April is the turning point of democratic civilization. Our leadership gave spirit to this civilization with its ideas and philosophy.”

The Euphrates Region Hîlala Zêrîn Group performed their songs.