Afrin people in Shehba protest the international conspiracy

People of northern Syria continue their protests against the international conspiracy that targeted Abdullah Öcalan 21 years ago.

The people of Afrin who were displaced by Turkish invasion and moved to Shehba, have protested against the international conspiracy that led to the capture and handover of Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan from Kenya to Turkey on 15 February 1999.

The IDPs staying in the Berxwedan (Resistance) Camp staged a march with banners denouncing the international conspiracy.

Speaking in the name of the crowd, Berxwedan Camp Culture and Art Movement executive Ferhad Eluş said the following: “The struggle given by Leader Apo (Öcalan) for years has led peoples to get more committed to his philosophy and to follow his path. The conspiracy actually targeted the will of the people who found themselves in the philosophy of Leader Abdullah Öcalan whose struggle was targeted by the capitalist states. The conspiracy, however, failed because of the fact that peoples shout out freedom and see Öcalan’s philosophy as the way leading to their emancipation. For this very reason, we will continue with our struggle for Öcalan’s freedom.”