Amara Library in Rojava offers over 15,000 books in different languages

Amara Library, one of the first cultural achievements of the Rojava Revolution, became a must for language and literature lovers with 15 thousand books written in different languages.

Literature is one of the fields in which the Rojava Revolution and the Autonomous Administration carried out important work. Many writers could not find the opportunity to print and publish their works before, but thanks to the revolution, they had the chance to organize and work within the many new cultural institutions created.

During the years since the revolution, many literary activities were carried to spread the culture of reading, protect the mother tongue and protect Kurdish literature. Likewise, many publishing houses and libraries were opened.

The first library of the revolution

Amara Library, in Qamishlo, was opened in 2018. It has the distinction of being the first library opened after the beginning of the revolution. In the library, which contains 15 thousand books, there are not only the works of Northern and Eastern Syrian writers, but also the works of many writers from Damascus to Egypt, Bakur, Rojhilat and Bashur Kurdistan.

There are also books written in English, Arabic and Turkish, as well as Kurdish dialects. On the other hand, it is also a resource for university students. Amara Library is not only a place for reading and research, but also a place where intellectual communities, writers and readers have the opportunity to discuss their ideas and views.

Amara Library employee Selîm Ebbas told ANHA about the purpose of the library. He said that their main aim is to spread the culture of reading, and underlined that they especially want to reach young people.

Ebbas said: “The South Kurdistan government has closed the border gate for a while, so we cannot bring books from outside. We often encounter obstacles from the Bashur government.”