Artillery attacks on villages in the Shehba region

The villages of Ain Daqne and Belluniyê in the North Syrian Shehba region have been massively bombarded with artillery shells by the occupation forces. It is unclear whether people have been injured.

According to reports from Shehba, Turkish occupation troops fired massive artillery shells on the villages of Ain Daqne and Belluniyê in the self-governing northern Syrian canton during the night. At the same time artillery attacks were carried out on the villages of Merenaz and Malikiyê in Afrin’s Shera district.

Only on Friday a thirteen-year-old boy staying in the Ain Issa refugee camp succumbed to his injuries after he had been badly hit by the explosion of an artillery shell fired at the refugee camp by the occupation forces. In a recent UN report, the shelling of the civilian population by the occupation forces had been explicitly characterized as a war crime, and the UN is calling for international prosecution.