Attack kills two security officers of Raqqa Military Council

An armed attack by unknown assailants claimed the lives of two security officers of Raqqa Military Council on Wednesday.


The administrative building of the Raqqa Military Council in the western neighbourhood of Al-Dariya was the target of an armed attack at around 12.30 pm today.

According to the SDF statement about the attack, 2 security officers of the Council were martyred.

The SDF stated that one "terrorist" was captured during the search operation after the attack, while the others escaped. The statement added that efforts are ongoing "to capture the terrorists".

The SDF estimates that ISIS cells were behind the attack according to the evidence obtained and preliminary investigations.

The Asayish headquarters in Raqqa was attacked by a cell of the terrorist militia ISIS on 26 December 2022. Four members of the security forces and two SDF fighters were killed during the attempted liberation of imprisoned mercenaries. Last weekend, a high-ranking member of ISIS was killed during an SDF operation in Raqqa.

The SDF accused the international community of lacking support in the fight against Islamists. "The ISIS problem has a global dimension. And that is why it also needs a global solution," SDF said on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the capture of the last ISIS bastion, Baghouz, on 23 March.