Autonomous Administration outlines work to be carried out in 2020

The two-day annual meeting of the Autonomous Administration has ended with a final statement detailing the future work and projects the Autonomous Administration will be carrying out this year. 

The two-day annual meeting of the Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria has ended with the publication of the final statement.

Members of the Democratic Syrian Assembly (MSD), members of the Autonomous Administration Presidency Committee, as well as representatives of the Autonomous Administration committee and office attended the meeting held at the Culture and Arts Center in Raqqa.

The activities that the Autonomous Administration will focus on in the new year are detailed in the final statement as follows:

* Completion of the Autonomous Administration organization within the framework of regulations,

* Preparing circulars to facilitate and monitor the work of the Autonomous Administration institutions,

* Focusing on public meetings to listen to the problems of the peoples and find solutions,

* Strengthening the Self-Defense Forces mechanism and facilitating its work,

* Suggesting solutions instead of being stuck on error and mistakes,

* Development of press institutions of the administration,

* Work to complete the establishment of the institutions representing the Autonomous Administration abroad,

* Prioritizing education, health, economy and cultural work in service projects,

* Developing projects for women,

* Importance should be given to the work on Martyrs and families of martyrs should be paid due attention,

* Culture, tourism and historical artifacts should be given due attention, attacks on historical artifacts should be followed and attackers should be held accountable for the damage,

* Expanding the organizational planning of the executive as required and limiting the construction of tall buildings,

* Establishment of industrial and craft centers,

* Giving priority to infrastructure works,

* Solving drinking water problems,

* To follow the problems of migrants staying in the camps, work to eliminate their difficulties,

* Supporting sports institutions, establishing new sports institutions and establishing art centers for young people,

* Development of electronic civil registry work,

* Establishing institutions that can create equal opportunities for orphans and children with disabilities,

* Give priority to health services, to make the restoration of hospitals, to supply the needs of hospitals with technical deficiencies and to ensure the establishment of private hospitals,

* Development of the official website of the Autonomous Administration,

* Social work should be focused on and support should be provided to the Social Work Office for the development of its work,

* Work should be carried out to create job opportunities in the region and to meet basic life needs of the people,

* Increasing the number of ovens and meeting the bread needs of the public,

* Taking measures for the defense of nature and environmental pollution,

* Carrying out reforestation works in dry areas and preventing their desertification.