Civilians killed in Turkish attack in Afrin laid to rest

Turkey’s genocidal campaign seeking to invade North and East Syria in violation of international law is claiming more lives every day.

An attack by the Turkish army and allied mercenaries killed three civilians in Aqiba village in Afrin’s Sherawa district on February 25 night. The slain civilians from the same family; Seroşet Mihemed Hesen (12), Fatma Ali (46) and Hesen Izet Mihemed (55) were laid to rest today.

Thousands of people from Afrin and Shehba gathered before the Avrin Hospital in in the Fafin district of Shehba before moving to the cemetery of martyrs in a long convoy.

Speaking at the funeral, Newroz Efrîn from the administrators of Afrin Canton Council vowed that the martyrs will be avenged. Condemning the silence of the international community, Efrîn stressed that the Kurds and peoples of Syria will continue their resistance against the Turkish state.

Speaking after, Sherawa District Council co-president Ehmed Silêman said; “We will never surrender. We are not afraid of their inhuman acts and attacks.”

After speeches, the civilians were laid to rest under the slogan “Şehîd namirin” [Martyrs are immortal].