Condolence ceremony in Til Temir for YAT fighter Rênad Elî

People from the surrounding cities went to the condolence ceremony held in Til Temir for YAT fighter Rênad Elî, who fell a martyr in a helicopter crash on 15 March.

A condolence ceremony was held in Hesekê Canton for the YAT fighter Rênad Elî (Xebat Tirbespiyê), who fell a martyr in a helicopter crash on 15 March. The condolence ceremony was held in the village of Hiznê, east of Til Temir. People from Hesekê, Til Temir and Dirbesiyê attended the ceremony.

Til Temir People's Municipality co-mayor, Ebdulbaqî Kotê, expressed his condolences to the families of the martyrs.

The co-mayor said that March was a month of pain for the Kurds and added: “Afrin was occupied five years ago. We will not forget Halabja. March is a month of pain but also of resistance. The 12 March Serhildan and Newroz are examples of this.”

Ebdulbaqî Kotê said that victory will be achieved thanks to the martyrs.

Cizre Region Military Council Commander Hisên Selmo said that Martyr Xebat Dirbesiyê's family has made sacrifices since the beginning of the revolution and added that they will never forget their sacrifices.

Speaking on behalf of Martyr Xebat Dirbêsiyê's family, Xalid Xelef said: "Another fighter from our family has joined the caravan of martyrs. We said goodbye to Martyr Berfin two months ago in this village. We said goodbye to Martyr Xebat Dirbesiyê today. As a family, we have supported Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s ideas from the very beginning. We do not regret giving martyrs. Every child from this family will be a fighter of this movement, a revolutionary following the line of the Leader. Our children are in the SDF and will continue to pick the weapons of their martyrs. On behalf of Martyr Xebat’s family, I promise that we will follow on the footsteps of our martyrs and the thoughts of Leader Abdullah Öcalan, and that we will protect the achievements and the revolution in these lands.”