Ethnic genocide and demographic change Forum issues declaration

The forum discussed the ways and mechanisms that could be followed to counter the ethnic genocide attacks and policies to change the demographic structure.

The Center for Strategic Studies of Rojava (NRLS) has organized a forum at the Aram Tigran Cultural Art Center in the town of Rimêlan, Qamishlo, entitled "Ethnic genocide and demographic change in northern and eastern Syria."

The forum discussed the ways and mechanisms that could be followed to counter the ethnic genocide attacks and policies to change the demographic structure.

In the session moderated by Sîham Dawûd, Director of Dêrik Teachers Union, presentations were made by Lawyer Aynûr Zêd Pasha, member of Cizre Social Justice Assembly, co-chair of Kobanê Canton Assembly, Enwer Mislim, and Hikmet Hebîb, Executive deputy co-president of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Executive Council.

The Forum ended with the reading of a final declaration by Leyla Siwar.

The declaration said: "The forum promoted by the NRLS was attended by politicians, researchers, lawyers, human rights defenders and more than one hundred people from the Autonomous Administration and civil society organizations in the region.

The participants presented their reports, research and opinions on the ethnic genocide and demographic change policies carried out by the Turkish state in the occupied areas of northern and eastern Syria. The forum also discussed ways and methods to prevent these practices, to prosecute those who implement these practices in the international arena and to eliminate the effects of these practices."

1. Reports should show and expose the number of civilian casualties, the difficult conditions of displaced persons, the seized property of the people, the invasion of a neighboring state, as well as the violations of international human rights and law of the Turkish state and its mercenaries. Within this framework, international courts and human rights organizations should be requested to fulfill their responsibilities in order to restore the rights of victims and punish criminals.

2. Ensure that the international community meets the obligations of international agreements. The international community should stop the policies of genocide and change of demographic structure implemented by Turkey to the peoples of North and East Syria and should put pressure on the Turkish state. In order for this to happen, international organizations and the UN are required to propose a common political strategy. In addition, those who signed the cease-fire agreement in North and East Syria (USA and Russia) should be asked to stop the attacks of the Turkish state on the region, end the occupation and create conditions for the people to return to their homes in a peaceful environment.

3. The Autonomous Administration of Northern and Eastern Syria prevented the establishment of a terrorist system in the region which was threatening the whole world. This Administration has played a major role in defeating the ISIS terrorist organization and in the monitoring of ISIS's cell structures. Peace is dominant in the field of administration. On this basis, as the Turkish state revealed in the occupation attacks, all kinds of attacks and orientations targeting this administration mean support to terrorism and cause a humanitarian crisis. The international community should support this administration in all areas, especially political, military and economic.

4. The Autonomous Administration is the legitimate representative of the peoples of North and East Syria. The Syrian Democratic  Forces (SDF), the legitimate defense force of northern and eastern Syria, have made great sacrifices for the peace and security including of the international community. The fact that legitimate representatives of the peoples of northern and eastern Syria are not included in the Syrian Constitutional Committee established for the solution of the Syrian crisis is a great injustice to these peoples and cannot be accepted. All relevant international institutions, in particular the United Nations, must fulfill their responsibilities and include the will of the peoples of North and East Syria in all Syria-related activities.

5. In order to ensure peace and justice in the region and to eradicate radical ideas, an international court should be established in which crimes against humanity in Syria, especially in northern and eastern Syria, will be judged. In this court, the Turkish state and ISIS / Al-Nusra mercenary groups committing crimes against humanity and war under the name of "Syrian National Army" should be tried. In addition the "Syrian National Army" should be included in the list of terrorist organizations

6. The peoples of northern and eastern Syria are once again experiencing the attacks lived by their grandfather, once again carried out by the Turkish state. The peoples of the region should increase their support to the North and East Syrian Autonomous Administration and the SDF against these attacks and unite in all areas.