Emine Osê: Autonomous Administration continues preparations in state of emergency

Emine Osê, Co-Deputy Chair of the North and East Syria Autonomous Administration Executive Council, said that preparations were being made as part of the state of emergency declared by the Autonomous Administration.

The General Assembly of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AANES) declared a state of emergency on 6 July amidst the increasingly ongoing attacks and threats of the invading Turkish state against the region. All committees and institutions within the Autonomous Administration have undertaken activities for the prevention of attacks on the region.

Emine Osê, Co-Deputy Chair of AANES Executive Council, spoke to ANHA about the process and said that all institutions continued their preparations, including diplomatic activities, to prevent war.

“After the Autonomous Administration declared a state of emergency, we discussed the establishment of a Crisis Desk. This desk consisted of departments such as health, municipality, social affairs, business and economy. Each board and committee were asked to prepare a plan in case of an emergency. During this period, the relevant authorities visited the autonomous and civil administrations and gave information about the making of a program and planning according to the current situation and the emergency,” Osê said.

Osê pointed out that the Health Committee gives priority to providing medicine and emergency response vehicles to all hospitals in North and East Syria. She added that they organized training for healthcare workers and other people to prepare all segments of society.

“The Economic Committee has outlined a program for the supply of basic materials and food in case of war. It stored basic materials such as sugar and flour. It is still working with bakeries, water stations and other service organizations.”

“The Social Affairs Committee visited the camps to make sure they are ready to deal with migration waves that may occur in case of a war,” Osê noted.

The AANES official emphasized that all institutions and organizations of the Autonomous Administration evaluated all projects that would be needed during emergency situations and play a role in protecting the people from a possible war. “Apart from these activities, organizational activities are being carried out to train the people in self-administration and self-defence in case of a war. Awareness-raising campaigns were organized in meetings and panels by media outlets and women's agencies against a special war that may put the residents of neighbourhoods in jeopardy.”

“The Executive Council also monitors the work and activities of the crisis desk,” Osê added.

Osê pointed out that the level of work and activities of all organs and committees of the Autonomous Administration have reached the desired level. She expressed that there are, however, some shortcomings due to the blockade and the closing of the border gates in the region. She noted that efforts are being made to prepare for a war situation.

“The Autonomous Administration is currently evaluating the activities of the crisis desks of all autonomous and civil administrations, their needs and the methods of meeting these needs,” she added.

“The Autonomous Administration is making diplomatic efforts to prevent the outbreak of a war. We will be prepared for any situation, including a war,” Osê concluded.