Families at Semalka Border enter 102nd day of their vigil

Families continue the vigil at the Semalka Border Gate demanding the return of the bodies of the guerrillas killed by the KDP.

The action launched by the families at the Semalka Border Gate to demand the return of the bodies of the guerrillas who fell as martyrs as a result of the ambush carried out by the KDP forces in the region of Xelîfan has reached its 102nd day.

The residents of Qamishlo, who took over the action on Thursday, were greeted by the people of Amude, with slogans condemning the betrayal by the KDP.

Speaking on behalf of the Qamishlo people, Afram Somî said: "On the basis of the brotherhood of the peoples, we are taking over the families’ vigil and we demand that the bodies of our martyrs be delivered."

Calling the authorities in Bashur Kurdistan to deliver the bodies of the martyrs to their families, Somî underlined that they will continue their resistance until the KDP puts an end to their wrong policies.