Family of 8 kidnapped by Turkish state unaccounted for

For 5 months, 8 members of the Hisên family from Afrin, who were kidnapped by the Turkish state and allied gangs, have been unaccounted for. Ehmed Mistefa Hisên urged the authorities to inform them about the situation of his relatives.


The invading Turkish state and allied gangs continue the demographic change based on forced displacement of Afrin residents. The invaders commit various crimes and human rights violations in the occupied region, including torture, looting, changing the names of villages and towns, forcing people to use the Turkish language, threatening, and kidnapping.

Ehmed Mistefa Hisên, living in the Shiye district of Afrin, spoke to ANHA and stated that his brother Yusif Mistefa Hisên and his family had been kidnapped by Suleiman Shah (Emşat) gangs 5 months ago. The kidnapped members of the Hisên family are still unaccounted for, said Ehmed Mistefa Hisên.

The names of the kidnapped civilians are as follows: Yusif Mistefa Hisên (60), Izedîn Yusif Hisên (19), Hisên Yusif Hisên (21), Mistefa Mihemed Hisên (23), Ebdurehman Mihemed Goliya, Zeyneb Olaşlî, Medya Olaşlî and Cîhan Olaşlî.

 ‘Escalating racism is posing a serious threat against the existence of the Kurds in Afrin’

Remarking that his relatives were kidnapped because they are Kurds, Ehmed Mistefa Hisên said, “The gangs and their families, in a racist manner against the Kurds, usurp our properties and disallow the Kurds to work, in accordance with the orders by Turkish intelligence agents. Of all family members, only my elder brother has a job but he is working for a very low wage.”

 ‘My relatives were kidnapped on false allegations’

“My nephew went out to receive the money sent by relatives. But, the gangs kidnapped him and seized the money. They alleged that the money would be used for an explosion in Afrin,” said Ehmed Mistefa Hisên, and continued:

“After two days, my brother working for an offal shop was kidnapped, too. The person whom my brother worked for said that he had been taken away by Turkish intelligence agents. We know nothing more.”

 ‘Women were taken to Mabata Dungeon’

Ehmed Mistefa Hisên lastly said, “On the day my brother was kidnapped, the gangs also kidnapped some women. We know that these women were taken to Mabata dungeon. But, we do not know where the men were taken. We call upon the authorities to inform us about the situation of our family members. We want to know where our relatives are.”