First group of refugees settled in Girê Spî

The Turkish state is systematically taking advantage of the plight of refugees from Syria. According to reports, the first group of refugees from Syria has been settled in houses of displaced people in Girê Spî.

The Turkish state uses every means at its disposal to enforce its neo-Ottoman expansionist policy, in doing which, it does not shy away from exploiting the plight of refugees. Apparently, the Turkish project to settle refugees from Syria in the areas occupied by Turkey and its mercenaries has begun.

According to a report by the Afrin - Syria Human Rights Organization, a first group of more than 100 refugees was brought by the Turkish state to the occupied zone in the northern Syrian canton of Girê Spî. The refugees from Homs, Aleppo, Idlib and Eastern Ghouta were housed in the homes of the displaced Kurdish population. At the same time, the Turkish state is pushing ahead with the construction of prefabricated housing estates. The people settled there are to receive identity cards and have the right to visit Turkey four times a year.   

The Turkish state is actively trying to change the demographics of northern and eastern Syria. In doing so, it relies on expulsion and settlement policies. In the long term, Turkey wants to occupy and annex a strip of Syria that extends far into the south.