Health care in the Avrîn hospital in Shehba despite embargo

At the Avrîn Hospital in Shehba, 20,000 patients from Afrin are treated on a monthly basis.

After the Turkish occupation of Afrin hundreds of thousands of people had to flee to the neighboring canton of Shehba. The Health Council of Afrin has opened a new infirmary there named after the Avrîn Hospital in Afrin, bombed by the Turkish Air Force.

The new Avrîn Hospital is the only hospital in the Shehba region. Every month about 20,000 patients are treated there. There are departments for children, eyes, ear, nose and throat, internal diseases, orthopedics and emergency care. There are 28 doctors working in the hospital, with a total of 141 employees. The material equipment is deficient due to the prevailing embargo.

Dr. Azad Sebrî is a member of the Health Council of Afrin and explains that health care had to be reorganized after the population’s expulsion from Afrin.

"Here in Shehba we are resisting together with the people. Every day, 600 to 700 patients are treated. We lack medical equipment and certain medications. We still do not get support from international aid organizations," said the doctor, adding that treatment at the Avrîn hospital is free.