Health care workers in Hesekê protest the isolation of Öcalan

The North and East Syrian Medical Professions Union protested in Hesekê against the isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan in Turkish captivity.

The North and East Syrian Medical Professions Union protested the isolation regime imposed on Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan. The Union urged medical committees, organizations and institutions to put pressure on the Turkish state so that information on Öcalan's health status can be received.

A press statement made during the protest action on Wednesday said:

“The invading Turkish state, which has been holding Öcalan in isolation since 1999, has not provided any information about his health status for the last 22 months.

The denial of information about Öcalan’s health seeks to deprive Öcalan of his right to defence. This situation causes great concern among our people. As the health professionals in North and East Syria, we urge world public opinion to assume responsibility in Öcalan’s case.

Relevant international organizations should visit Imralı Prison and speak about the health condition of Öcalan. They should immediately intervene in this situation and fulfil their responsibilities based on international laws.

Should an opportunity be provided, we are ready to take an active role in meeting with Öcalan.”