'Humanitarian and Security' operation leads to capture of 158 ISIS mercenaries in Hol Camp

158 ISIS mercenaries have been caught in the ‘Humanitarian and Security’ operation in Hol Camp in the last 10 days.

The ‘Humanitarian and Security’ operation launched by the Internal Security Forces to dismantle ISIS cells in Hol Camp in Hesekê Canton on 28 March, lasted 10 days. After the first phase of the operation was completed, the Anti-Terrorist Forces (YAT) continued to carry out special operations.

The operation was carried out in 8 sectors in the camp. In the first phase of the operation, a total of 125 ISIS members, including 20 leaders, were caught. In addition, within the scope of the operation, military equipment, phones, tablets and computers, as well as explosive devices were seized.

After the first phase of the ‘Humanitarian and Security’ operation ended, YAT units started special operations in the camp. As a result of the confessions of the captured ISIS mercenaries, 51 operations were carried out in the camp within 5 days.

A total of 33 ISIS mercenaries, including some women, were caught during these operations. Among those captured were Ehmed Xashi “Abu Xalid", the mercenary in charge of Hol Camp, and Qusey Mihemed, "Abu Gerar", the second in charge in the camp. The captured mercenaries are nationals of many states and carried out activities in the camp which ranged from propaganda to punishments and killings.

The "al-Hesbe" (investigation police) cell formed by ISIS women was dismantled during this operation.

The security operations initiated by the Internal Security Forces in the camp are expected to continue in the coming days. However, both the security forces in North and East Syria and the observers who follow the developments state that the operations alone are not enough to end the danger in the camp where thousands of Syrian, Iraqi and foreign nationals are staying.

The Internal Security Forces said that the first phase of the operation they carried out in the camp was successful, but that the ISIS mentality has yet to be defeated in the camp and children are especially subjected to the propaganda.

The Internal Security Forces drew attention to the fact that the danger in the camp will pose a threat to the whole world if a permanent security is not provided.