Ilham Ehmed: We may need a miracle for dialogue with Damascus

Stating that reaching an agreement with the Damascus government requires a miracle, Ilham Ehmed said that the door to dialogue is always open for them, and that this will be the end of the Damascus government as well as vital for all Syrian peoples.

Speaking for Masarat program broadcast on Ronahi TV last night and presented by Journalist Zîwer Şêxo, Ilham Ehmed, Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Executive Board Co-Chair made remarks over the MSD's dialogue efforts concerning Syria, the reasons why the MSD's negotiations with the Damascus government were unsuccessful, and the repercussions of the latest statements made by Russia on the Northern and Eastern Syrian regions.

Referring to the activities of some security institutions affiliated with the Damascus government seeking to create a conflict in the regions of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Ilham Ehmed said; “Security institutions affiliated with the Damascus government want to disturb the security and peace of the region. The events in Deir ez-Zor are an example of this”.

Remarking that MSD had access to some documents issued by the official authorities and signed by the security institutions, Ehmed said these documents were sent to some sheikhs and persons to organize activities in order to cause a conflict in the region and accuse the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) of causing this.

“There are plans to organize opinion leaders against SDF. Security institutions organize these activities. Efforts to escalate the tension are carried out by the Damascus government in hostile ways. The Damascus government wants to once again control the regions that are not under its rule".


Noting that the statements of the Damascus government do not serve the Syrian people and the Syrian identity, Ehmed said that the interests of some parties are favored aiming to create an internal conflict, and if such a thing happened, the regime would be completely destroyed.

According to Ehmed, the assessment that the Syrian regime would be eliminated is not a threat, but just a reminder to possible dangers.


The MSD official pointed out that the peoples of the region undertake the administration of their regions and that a solution and dialogue will be possible through the establishment of political relations. She continued; “MSD has not closed the door for a dialogue. However, constant threats do not serve the Syrian people. As a result, we favor dialogue, not weapons. War and conflict are not our choice. Our goal has always been dialogue. However, the current mentality is the Baath mentality and it does not want to get out of this mentality.”


Noting that they have tried to establish a dialogue with the Damascus government through different methods so far, Ilham Ehmed said, “We tried to establish dialogue through some states such as Russia. However, it was inconclusive. We wanted Russia to play a constructive role, but it didn't happen. We may need a miracle to start a serious dialogue with the Syrian regime."

Speaking about Russia's position on the dialogue talks with Damascus in Northern and Eastern Syria, Ilham Ehmed indicated that; “Russia has supported the Syrian government from the very beginning. The gains of the Syrian government were the result of this support. Deliberativeness of the political process has strengthened the hand of the Syrian government. The statements made by Russia from time to time are a message to the US representatives in the region. We hoped that these messages would not harm the people living in northern and eastern Syria, and the interests of the Syrian people. We did not want these messages to provoke the Turkish state against Northern and Eastern Syria."

Stating that their meetings with Moscow were positive, Ilham Ehmed said; "We signed some articles regarding the territorial unity of Syria by stating that we do not have a project or even such an intention to disintegrate Syria. We wanted Russia's statements on the subject to be positive. There is a demand for the US to be expelled from Syria. So a general solution is needed. A solution must be imposed on the Syrian government and forced into dialogue. Russia needs to put pressure on the Syrian government to sit at the dialogue table and reach a political solution. For this, Russia must assume a role.”


According to Ehmed, the dialogue between the Syrian parties is more important than the dialogue with the other powers in Syria; “The agreement between the Syrian parties will have a great impact on the international community. Those who will shape Syria's future are not those who intervene in Syria's internal affairs, but the Syrian people themselves. The biggest mistake made in the Syrian crisis from the very beginning is that the fate of the Syrian people is left to those who intervene in Syria."

Ilham Ehmed said the following regarding the reasons why no agreement has been reached so far; “Solution projects prepared for ending the Syrian crisis are shaped by foreign powers. For this reason, the interests of these powers are taken for granted in the projects. As a result, all congresses and solutions failed because the Syrian people were not included”.

Finally, Ilham Ehmed added; “All congresses and meetings have failed to achieve their goals because the Syrian peoples were not represented in any of these meetings. This leads to a further escalation of the Syrian government crisis.”