KNK announces mobilization for national unity against Turkish attacks

The Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) Co-Chair Ahmet Karamus said that the KNK declared a mobilization for national unity against the Turkish attacks.

The attacks launched by the invading Turkish state on the cities of Rojava on November 19, continue unabated. More than 11 civilians have been killed so far in the attacks that also targeted hospitals and schools. Interviewed by the Mesopotamia Agency, Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) Co-Chair Ahmet Karamus designated the attacks as a "genocidal operation".


Karamus recalled that there had been historic resistance in 2014-2015 in Kobanê, the target of the latest Turkish attacks. “The Kobanê resistance was an honourable resistance in the history of Kurdistan. It was obvious that the enemy forces would soon attempt to destroy the Kurdish achievements in Kobanê. It was obvious that Turkey would attack Kurdistan's gains to revive the Treaty of Lausanne on its 100th anniversary. Wherever there is an attack against the Kurdish people in Kurdistan, it will negatively affect other parts. Kobanê is a place where Kurdish people in four parts of Kurdistan vowed to “resist to the last drop of blood". The Kobanê resistance became the resistance of four parts of Kurdistan. It was an iconic image of national unity. It became a landmark in the history of freedom. Kobanê is an important place not only for the Kurdish people, but also for the whole world. Those who defended Kobanê were the pro-freedom and democracy forces. The liberation of Kobanê is the defeat of ISIS and jihadist forces. We know very well that it is Tayyip Erdoğan who gives support to these barbarian forces,” Karamus said.


Karamus pointed out that attempts were made to revive the Treaty of Lausanne. “Turkey's threats have continued since the day a national victory was won. Turkey made various attempts in diplomatic, military and economic levels. It made every effort to eliminate the achievements of the Kurdish people, which were made through national unity. They seek to preserve the status of the Treaty of Lausanne, and for this reason they will attack the gains of the Kurdish people as hard as they can. Turkey wants to give a message to both the Kurdish people and the peoples of the world; the Treaty of Lausanne, signed a century ago, is no longer satisfactory for Turkey and now it wants to expand its territories.”


“The Turkish state is carrying out a genocidal attack against the Kurdish people. It is attacking to prevent 70 million Kurds from obtaining their rights. In the attacks, hospitals, schools and public spaces have been bombed. But Kobanê will continue to resist. Because the Kurdish people have no choice but to resist. We call on NATO, the USA, Russia and the European Union to fulfill their promises and agreements with the Kurdish people and not to remain silent. Every Kurdish institution and party must fulfill its duty, and no one should remain silent. As the KNK, we announce that we will resist and do our best. We have also declared a mobilization for national unity against the attacks,” Karamus said.


Karamus noted that the Turkish attacks targeted the Kurdish gains as a whole. “Individual interests do not matter. The attacks of the Turkish state are directed at the entire Kurdish people. In the meantime, the invading Iranian state has escalated its attacks. These four colonial states give the Kurdish people no chance in any way. If the resistance forces are eliminated, there will be no status left in Rojava and Bashur. If the Kurdistan Regional Government and its ruling party KDP do not regard these attacks against Rojava as attacks against themselves, they will fall into a trap. We must engage in dialogue against these attacks with a common national stance,” Karamus said.


The KNK co-chair concluded, “Kobanê is the Stalingrad of the Kurds. Because Kobanê has become the symbol of freedom, democracy and peace. Kobanê is the stronghold of the Kurdish people. What happened in Stalingrad in 1945 was repeated in Kobanê in 2016-17. Kobanê became the place where Erdoğan failed. The Kurdish people are determined and strong-willed. We want to live freely in our own lands with our identity, language, culture and history. We are fighting for this. We have never murdered or massacred any other. There is no other choice but to liberate Kurdistan through resistance.”